Earlier this week I got to spend two days hearing from arguably the world leader in trauma therapy, psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk, MD, whose book ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ was a game-changer and best-seller (and he signed my copy for me :D)

I learned a lot more about what trauma is (not just events), the way trauma is stored in – and can be accessed and released by – the body, and some successful and research-proven treatments that can offer healing and significant improvement, like EMDR, neurofeedback, bodywork, vocalisation, psychodrama, and psychedelics.

Licia Sky took us through some incredible bodywork exercises and discussions and I thoroughly enjoyed my first magical experience of a ‘soundbath’.

I feel like those two days covered months and months of typical learning and I’m so grateful to the Byron Clinic for bringing Bessel and Licia here so we could learn directly from them.

Would love if they’re able to heed Dr van der Kolk’s request to bring Richard Schwartz (who developed internal family systems, or ‘parts’ therapy) here soon, too!

Bessel van der Kolk in Melbourne