Hearten Up Wangaratta


Having far exceeded our goal of training 15 people, Hearten Up Wangaratta’s pilot project now involves 79 community members from all walks of life, who are undertaking mental health first aid training through a combination of self-paced eLearning, and live video conferencing.

While the project has commenced, we are fielding further expressions of interest in doing the course, and will contact people as and when places become available in further groups for either online or face-to-face workshops.

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Improving Wangaratta’s mental health

Joel Clapham grew up in Wangaratta, north-east Victoria, in the 1990s and considers it his hometown.

In 1998, Joel lost his father, Ade, to suicide, and the town was rocked by the suicide deaths of two high school students.

In the years since, Wangaratta has continued to face the higher prevalence of mental ill-health and suicide that all regional towns do. 

Driven by a deep desire to do something about this, Joel established the Hearten Up Wangaratta community program as a pilot project, initially to train 15 men in the Wangaratta region in Mental Health First Aid, at no cost to them. 

Funding Partner: The Grit and Resilience Program

We are absolutely rapt to share that through a partnership with The Grit and Resilience Program, funding is being provided to cover the overhead costs for the self-paced eLearning component. 

The Grit and Resilience Program see this program as an opportunity for us to build strength, knowledge and connection with each other, as we make our community even better together.

Delivering this for free for you was always our plan and promise, and I’m incredibly grateful to The Grit and Resilience Program for believing in and supporting this work for the community.

Learn more about their work and program here.

Grit and Resilience Program are the funding partner for Hearten Up Wangaratta