Joel Clapham


Founder & Chief Mental Health Champ


Joel ‘JC’ Clapham was a young man on the rise, who in late 2013, seemingly had it all.

Aged 31, married with three healthy children and a home in suburban Melbourne, Joel was appointed the youngest senior executive in the not-for-profit financial services industry, and went on to win multiple awards for marketing and community-building campaigns.

But below the surface, Joel was disintegrating. In mid-2016, a perfect storm of crises saw him nearly lose it all. Including himself.

Now a self-described corporate refugee, JC is a freelance writer and performer on the themes of mental health, fatherhood, good masculinity, and empathy. 

JC’s ‘compassionate comedy’ shows, Humpty Dumpty Daddy, and Loves Me, Loves Me Not, have been performed to critical success at comedy and fringe festivals around Australia.

Joel is an accredited instructor in Mental Health First Aid, and is also studying to become a social worker in mental health.

As a former cog in the corporate machine, Joel knows from his own experience how critical it is that businesses and organisations are both capable and comfortable in supporting their people.
Because that’s what they are… people

Through Hearten Up, Joel brings together his personal story, experiences, humour, compassion, and training, to help bring more heart to an often-hard world.   

(But he still looks rubbish in a suit!)