Hearten Up Community Program


Our Hearten Up community program delivers mental health first aid training to people living in regional areas, where the scourge of suicide is statistically higher, and resources often less readily available.

We partner with businesses and corporates to deliver this training at no cost to participants, removing the primary barrier regional people often face. 

The pilot: 'Hearten Up Wangaratta'

Our founder’s home town of Wangaratta, in northeast Victoria, faces the same challenges with mental health and suicide that all regional towns do:

  • Higher prevalence of mental ill-health
  • Fewer services to support this higher occurrence
  • Much higher rate of suicide.

Driven by a deep desire to do something about this, Hearten Up has committed to a pilot project of training 15 men in the Wangaratta region in Mental Health First Aid, at no cost to them.

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Deaths by suicide in Australia

in 2018

  • Male 74.9% 74.9%
  • Female 24.1% 24.1%

Suicides each day

Suicide is the leading cause of death of all people aged 15-44.