Re-Stump: mental health foundations

Re-Stump: mental health foundations

Sleep, exercise and nutrition have long been recognised as crucial to good physical health, with a strong correlation with our mental wellbeing, too. Additionally, in 2020 we learned as a society just how vital a sense of genuine connection is as well.

Bringing these four pillars – or stumps – together, Hearten Up’s Re-Stump program provides participants with core knowledge of the four pillars needed for our physical and mental health to form a solid foundation on which to build our best life.

The Stumps

Good sleep & rest

Stump 1: Good sleep & rest

Good nutrition

Stump 2: Good nutrition

Good exercise & movement

Stump 3: Good exercise

Good connections

Stump 4: Good connections

The Program

4 modules, 4 weeks, 4 group coaching sessions

Delivered wholly online, Re-Stump covers one stump each week:

  • 1 hour of pre-reading at the start of the week
  • Daily activity tracker (takes 5 mins per day)
  • 1hr group coaching session to look at what went well, what not so well, and how we can plan some achievable goals for you.

The final coaching session will help you review, fine-tune anything and make a plan for building on your new foundation stumps!


Re-Stump is currently being delivered on a bespoke basis for community groups and clients, but we will be launching this for public registrations and coaching soon!

Register your interest using the form below, and we’ll let you know once it’s ready, and get you going 🙂