The traditional domains of silence about mental health are disappearing, and we couldn’t be happier or prouder to play a very small part in helping that along.


LS Precast is one such business that not so many years ago might have been like that.

A precast concrete construction company with a workforce significantly male and in the past, it could have been the type of workplace where tough men just got on with the heavy work and kept their thoughts and feelings to themselves.

But they’re not that kind of workplace 🙂

The whole team at LS Precast got right behind Movember and focussed on men’s health and mental health more broadly.

We were invited to join them for a mid-morning BBQ in late November and talk about the importance and power of being open and human and supportive of everyone around us.

It was nice, if brief, trip down memory lane in Benalla where I (Joel) lived in and around for a few years in the early 90s and played junior football, was a cub scout, and had my first job stocking the shelves at Repco where my father worked.

Country people and workplaces are often some of the closest, most enlightened, and openly supportive of their people, and it’s beautiful to see first-hand.

Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to spend time with your people and see the pretty darn incredible things they make!