We’re so excited to announce a further 30 people in the Wangaratta region are now accredited mental health first aiders!

Supported by our project partner The Grit and Resilience Program, 2021’s intake of the ‘Hearten Up Wangaratta’ community program undertook two days of training across topics such as mental illness and mental ill-health in the community, signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses, substance use problems, noticing and supporting someone who may be struggling, and crisis first aid for mental health problems.

We were hosted so warmly in the Wangaratta Library, and were able to work outside during practice conversations and get to know each other in a quiet and comfortable space.

We’ve now provided 110 people with this training opportunity across 2020 and 2021, and are really chuffed to be doing what we can to normalise mental health openness, discussions, help-seeking and community confidence in providing support.

Our sincere gratitude is also extended to the Rural City of Wangaratta Council, The Wangaratta Chronicle and a range of community members for helping us to promote and share this opportunity with the place we love and call home 🙂

(L-R): Ross Prentice, John Carr, Leonie Carr, Kirsty Hawkins, Steph Hulsbosch, Marg McKay, Rowan Hulsbosch, Carli Adamo, Geoff Turnbull, Amanda Herexo, Emma Handford, Laurence Neal. 
(L-R):  Jess Whitehead, Tracey Corsini, Variann Davern, Emily Morris, Melissa Murdock, Liam Murdock, Adrian McNamara, Travis McKenzie,
Tim Webster, Rick Marklew