Tuesday Chinwag 30 min virtual cuppa to stay connected

Staying connected during coronavirus restrictions

With a lot of us confined to our homes and unable to see family and friends, it’s really important we stay connected with other people and retain that sense of camaraderie.

Personally, I am finding it a little challenging for a few reasons.

I live alone so when my kids are with their mum, it’s just me and my dog. He’s a very good boy (of course) but rubbish at conversation! I also work for myself and study via correspondence, making it even more challenging.

Plus, I battle with some social and generalised anxiety just to top it off, and being in self-isolation really limits the work I’ve been doing to grow through that.

If you’d like to join me (Joel Clapham) for a half-hour virtual cuppa and casual chat about anything at all (nothing too serious like politics or conspiracy theories!), pick a day and timeslot at the calendar below  🙂

Note: Tuesday Chinwag will be held via Zoom. You’ll be given a private link and password to ensure security and privacy from random mischief-makers.